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Two new courses are opening up for the 2001 golf season -- Buffalo Peaks Golf Course in Union, Oregon, and Pacific Dunes in Bandon. Find out more ...

What difference does non-conforming equipment make? That question has come up quite a bit recently. The answer should be a matter of integrity. Golf ball companies for years have been able to make a ball that would go at least a hundred yards further than current limitations...
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Our complete events calendar is now posted at the website. There's a new button just below the navigation menu on the Main Index (this page), or just click here."

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Tournament Entry forms are now available directly from the 2001 Tournament Schedule!"

A golfer using non-conforming equipment in a round played in active season, and otherwise played under the principles of the Rules of Golf, may NOT post that round for handicapping purposes. For a list of the non-conforming clubs, go here. For more information visit www.usga.org.

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