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The Story of a Provisional Ball
Doubt as to Procedure Getting to the Tee On Time
Dropping from a Cart Path What to do about Water Hazards

Golf is truly a great game. Some of the finest people play golf. Tradition, honesty and integrity abound within golf because the players themselves are responsible to monitor the rules of the game. The players themselves have the obligation to report infractions of the rules, something far afield from the spirit of a majority of sports.

Hopefully you will gain a better understanding of the Rules of Golf through this series. These features are provided by staff and volunteers of the Oregon Golf Association.

Before you check out the current feature, it is important to point out that the most important portion of the rules book for most officials is the Section II - Definitions. All the important terms are explained. These explanations will often answer a question saving the trouble of finding the actual rule in the book. Also, within the Rules of Golf book, when a term is underlined, that term is listed in the definition section.

We hope to be able to provide a bulletin board for those of you who wish to discuss some situations. The OGA rules department will occasionally try to observe the postings and offer comments but, with our restricted schedules, this will be more for your enjoyment.