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As the Oregon Golf Association approaches our 75th Anniversary, we look back with fond memories of those who have been instrumental in assisting with the growth of golf in our area. Since 1924, the OGA has served member clubs and golfers in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Many of the individuals who were involved with association activities are mentioned in the Four Part History of the Oregon Golf Association written by retired Executive Director Dale Johnson. We greatly thank Dale for the many hours he took in researching, compiling and writing this history.

Part I:

Covers the years from the OGA’s formation in 1924 until 1941, when World War II brought about cancellation of OGA activity until after peace was signed in 1945

Part II:

The second part covers the years from resumption of tournaments in 1946 until the Association was restructured in 1969-70

Part III:

The third phase looks at the years 1970 to 1989, during which the OGA restructered itself to better accomodate the needs of the Association and its members

Part IV:

The final look into OGA History covers the years from 1990 to the present, highlighting the OGA's most recent developments and accomplishments