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View your OGA/USGA Handicap Index, along with the last 20 scores used to calculate your Handicap Index. (Please note that Handicap lookup will be taken off-line by GHIN every Friday a.m. on revision day for updating)
ESC Chart
Definition of A Golf Club
How the OGA Designates an Active/Inactive Handicapping Season
Score Posting Responsibilities
USGA Handicap System Formula
USGA Handicap System Philosophy
Nine-Hole OGA/USGA Handicaps
Handicapping Revision Dates
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Modification of USGA Handicap Indexes by Committee
Exceptional Tournament Scores and Probability Chart
Temporary Greens & Tees
Who is maintaining the USGA Handicaps system at your club?
Guidelines for "preferred lies" or "winter rules"
Disadvantage of Winter Rules
Requirements for Compliance with the USGA Handicap System